Thursday, June 14, 2012


I seems, stuck.
There is a rock and a hard place
standing in my way.
My legs won't move.
Pinned to the dust
Back against the wind
Paralyzed by an ever present fear.
Where am I going?
What am I doing?
What have I done with my love?
Butterfly dreams and Eskimo kisses no more.
Ice cream wishes, with chocolate syrup
and pretty pleases are gone.
Now my foot against the plot.
Blood curdling screams inside me
begging me to leave, get out while I can.
Go and live, because this is your last chance to do so.
Where has the love gone?
Was it ever there?
Were we just afraid of our own lonlieness?
Were we so plagued by our sole existences?
Was life so perplexing that to share the burden
with someone whose life was just so
seemed a pleasant ideal?
Now we begin again self?
Now we rediscover, rebuild, remake, remaster, remix.
Now we remember.
Now we give thanks for the pearls of wisdom befallen...
Because we may not live to share them much longer.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Pour My Soul.

I pour my soul to you.
Do you hear, do you listen?
I pour my soul to you.
Do you feel, see it glisten?

I pour my soul to you.
Bleed it out, fall away.
I pour my soul to you.
Cut it off, or let it stay.

I pour my soul to you.
Heart is full, heavy laden.
I pour my soul to you.
For you're my beautiful and pure maiden.

I pour my soul to you.
Because I know there is my trust.
I pour my soul to you.
Therefore indulging in you, dearest lust.